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Sugar you don't have to give up!

Sugaring is a great way to remove hair for those who tend to have sensitive skin, prone to ingrown hairs and pigmentation. It can be beneficial to those who are sensitive to pain as well!
Sugar paste, which is derived from sugar, lemon and distilled water (yes that's it) designed to gently remove the hair from the follicle exfoliating the dead skin as it removes.
Sugaring goes back centuries coming from the Middle East mostly.
Lastly, my favorite part about this amazing service, only 3 weeks growth is needed! Say goodbye to that itchy in between stage of growing out the hair. Unlike waxing, the hair does not need to be 1/4 inch long! Say goodbye to your razors!

We are offering $ 10 off for your first sugaring service.


Brazilian sugar-$75
Extended bikini sugar-$55
Simple bikini sugar-$45
Underarm sugar-$25
Lip, chin sugar-$20
Sides of face sugar-$25

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