I can’t tell how many times people ask me for a product that will take away the frizzies. Or that because of their age they think there is nothing that they can do about the condition of their hair. There is something you can do and it’s not about what you do for you hair on the outside that counts, it’s all about  what you’re doing for the inside that counts. It’s true, it’s all about what you you eat.  Just like your skin, if you eat crappy food you’re gonna have crappy skin. Well hair is no different. Don’t get me wrong having the right shampoo and conditioner is important to MAINTAIN healthy hair but what you did  to help grow healthy hair is really important


I have one word for you OMEGA OMEGA OMEGA…ok maybe 3 words but you get the point.  The omegas are magic

to your skin and hair and I’ve seen it with my very own eyes. My advice for shiny healthy strong hair start including or increasing  some  fish oils, chia seeds, fish, flax seeds. Your hair will love you for it

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