I got together with Ari and Lia’s amazing client Patrycja this past Saturday to work out ideas for the upcoming Style Workshop: Mermaid Hair! When I think of mermaid hair, I see tumbling salty texture. I love waves that are a little messy just like waves crashing on the beach. The combination of tighter and looser curls is so key for this look!

To get this texture I applied Fig and Clover salt spray, concentrating the spray at the roots and then working it through the rest of the hair a little with my fingers. I used a blow-drier to dry in the spray and then curled the hair with varying iron sizes. After curling, I worked a mixture of Salt Spray and our Curve Appeal onto the ends to define the curls.
I used colorful dye and tinsel to customize extensions for this look. I love the way that the extensions blend in with Patrycja’s hair color and the sparkle really adds a magical touch!
Get an early start on your Spring accessories with this cute headband!

Get an early start on your Spring accessories with this cute headband!

I am so excited to see everyone’s finished headbands at the end of the class. Jae made this classy headband with a stretchy print and it is so cute! We will have a variety of fabrics to choose from on Friday night. You’ll leave the class knowing how to create your own unique headband at home too! With East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse so close by, it is easy to find an eye catching print and all the supplies you could possibly need! I even found our photo backdrop and these excellent oceanic fake plants there! Thanks Creative Reuse!!
See ya there!

See ya there!

There are a couple openings still available for the class, so sign up soon to get a spot!
Style Workshop: Mermaid Hair and Knotted Headband 
Friday March 7th 6-9PM
Register here. Space is limited.
Model: Patrycja Czop
Hair, Makeup, Photos and Styling: Lauren Corden
Knotted Headband made by Jae Morosin
Bubble Artist: Lia Viglienzoni
All Hair products from Fig and Clover’s house line

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